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Domain Names & Website Hosting Explained.

What is a Domain Name?

It’s a name you select from an accredited registrar, like Where you basically rent the ownership and renewals of whatever cheeky phrase or word you’ve selected to name your business. At this stage in the game, they are a hot commodity and some can be valued into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  With the right word play, and some compromise, you can still pick up a registration of like $20 for a single year.  If you’re the one who pays the bill, you are the registered owner, and you get to name your price should you ever decide to release ownership. There is a huge bidding market for names of all kinds.   Also. Pay a few bucks extra to get domain privacy, once you become a “Registered Owner” your name and contact info hits the open web and you get listed into the directory.  Yikes. Many people do not know about this.  So pay the few extra dollars and prevent years worth of spam and unwanted phone calls. The folks over on the other side of the planet (India, Russia, the Philippines, etc.) are scouring those directories to find leads and search for business.

What is a Hosting Server?

Simply, it’s just a hard drive in outer space where you put your files. In the world of big data and hard core financial markets, you don’t rent, you own. And you make sure those drives are secure as hell. If you’re like 90% of the other businesses in the world, where you just want to do a little promotion and sales through your site, you should rent. It’s cheap, very secure, and weightless in the scheme of yearly expenses. It’s technology, just like any hardware. So the better brand you buy, the better quality you get. Don’t go to so-and-so to get your hosting account.  Get it from a reputable vendor. All website development firms have their favorite, ask them. Don’t just buy one with out a little advisement.


We handle all of this for our clients. From finding the right name, to setting up the right technology. Feel free to reach out and set up a complimentary consultation.


domain names and hosting explained

D SDomain Names & Website Hosting Explained.