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The Value of Visuals.

It’s a constant struggle in the world visual design to convince a client about the value of their visual media.

The value of vision is unprecedented. Ask any one with glasses, if they’d prefer to have sharper vision.
We take it for granted, but we ought to consider the impact of what happens to us when we react to what we see.

I can not stress this enough, if you own a set of eyes, then you are affected by the visual media you cast your eyes upon.
If you own a business and want customers to buy your product, then you must consider what visuals you release.

Your customer’s eyes, hearts and minds are changed when they look at your media.

Your logo, your colors, your styling, the pictures, the graphics and the story line itself… all of these elements turn observers into customers.

We live in a 3 dimensional world, often times displayed to us only in 2 dimensions via screen interfaces and the flat pages of print. We thrive when subjected to beautiful Visuals.
Whether you’re flipping through your favorite catalog, or sitting on your couch surfing netflix, you are subtly influenced by the visuals you observe. From paper stock, to image quality, to navigating catalogs of online content, we don’t even realize how bad a design or user interface can be, until we fumble through it and get pissed off. Bad design is obvious. And frankly, worthless. Because it will only piss off your potential customers into searching for some one who is giving them something more beautiful to use and enjoy.

The subconscious mind feels and reacts, a judgement occurs…From the industrial design of a cars shape, to the layout and buttons in your favorite application, we are surrounded by style and design.

If you invest in quality and carefully control your visuals, then you invest in your future success.

This is because of the obvious fact that nearly every potential customer must SEE your product before they buy it. Every single customer will look at your logo and make a judgement about your quality.  Every single customer that visits your website in attempt to learn about you, or buy something from you, and nearly every single customer will at some point share their opinion about you if engaged in a related conversation.

By this measure, the value of your visual media is worth 100% of your annual sales.

The per hour costs of any creative vendor, should be seen as next to nothing, compared to how directly the look affects the value.

Until next time. enjoy the article and take a look around our blog to see some other articles that may help shed light or provoke ideas about how to succeed in today’s competitive business arena.

D SThe Value of Visuals.