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A Delicious Taco Themed Photoshoot.

Taco themed social media graphics will never be the same. When asked to come visit Mezon Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Danbury CT to produce an absolutely scrumptious taco themed media graphic, it made me really excited… and hungry.

Their incredible array of taco options, combined with select drink discounts, make Taco Tuesday at Mezon, the ultimate destination to get your taco fix.  I had the pleasure to do a photo shoot to support their offerings, and of course got a chance to wolf down the whole collection.  From select meats and veggies to the hand made masa they offer them in, these tacos are glorious.  I only wish I had brought a few more friends with me to help make this spread even bigger.

We staged the scene to include copious amounts of fresh ingredients, beverage selections, and several beautiful antiqued wooden serving trays for the back drop.

Anyway, to get the full experience you must visit in person. To get you pumped, enjoy the imagery.
We have hundreds of more images to add to the collection, ensuring this client has months and months of ready to go social media imagery to tease their soon-to-be-filled-with-tacos audiences.

Thanks again to their head chef and executive leadership team for making this happen.

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D SA Delicious Taco Themed Photoshoot.