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Landmark Danbury Business Gets a Make Over. Minas Carne Brazilian BBQ

If you are from the Greater Danbury area, or perhaps ever attended classes at WestConn, you know that Minas Carne is the best place in town to get a flavorful and filling meal, especially when you’re on the run.
It’s a huge hit with nearly all of the local business professionals looking for a great meal at an affordable price, that’s right in town.

Guests would typically filter in from all sides of the streets, as Minas Carne is located in one of the many hearts of down town Danbury’s urban residential districts. The smell of good BBQ gently simmers out of their chimneys and offers an immediate hunger impulse to any one in the area. Just a few minutes walk from the Superior Courthouse, the restaurant is frequented by individuals from all over the state. “The little green building on the corner with the cow on the front…” is what you would tell some one who was trying to remember which corner it was on.

Although the green was iconic, it’s glory fell out of fashion about a decade ago.  Faded and outmoded exterior treatments were in desperate need of attention. Even though the food kept cooking it’s goodness, the building it was being served in, was falling short of it’s icon status.   It was time to step away from the impression of just being another local deli, and drive the new impression to be more like a great stop in and eat or eat on the run buffet style BBQ. Welcoming hungry stomachs from the very eclectic mix of cultures that call Danbury home.

The real core of the concept behind Minas is about cowboy culture and rustic living in the countryside of Brazil. Where they are famous for their livestock, and great wholesome recipes.
The most amazing feature of their cuisine is the fact that all their meats are charcoal pit fired. They have a real brick structure and full operating coal pit oven.  Watching the grace and flow of the chefs while they maneuver and serve meat portions is apart of the experience. They know how to cook it and serve it quick.

Thanks to the guys at Vision Designs for their graceful and timely execution of our sign designs. Our Design team lead the project from inception to installation. Stay tuned for more imagery of our redesign for the interior space.

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D SLandmark Danbury Business Gets a Make Over. Minas Carne Brazilian BBQ