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Case Study: New Milford Business Website Build Out | Why A WordPress Website is a Perfect Fit for Forward Thinking Businesses

The phone rings…

DS. “Hello, thank you for calling DiGuiseppi Studios, how can we help?”

ER. “Good morning, I’m calling from Enhanced Renovations here in New Milford, CT. Our company specializes in high-end home design & renovation services, and I’m looking for help with my WordPress website, do you guys do just the technical stuff…I already bought a theme and like the way it looks, but it’s not 100%. I need help…”

DS. “Of course we can help. Just about every website we’ve built in the last 5 years has been a WordPress site. We know them very well. Tell me more…”

ER. “Here’s some background… I bought my domain from Godaddy, bought my Hosting Plan, and did the one-click install of their WordPress site builder. Then, I figured out how to buy a theme and install it.  But… then I started adding things and clicking things, and I just have reached the ceiling of what I have time to learn about. It’s not done like I want it to be, and I have literally nothing for real story line text… I’ve seen your work, can you guys take over and make it look amazing?”

DS. “Yes, definitely, we do all this, and we’d love to dig in, thanks for giving us this opportunity.”

(We’re paraphrasing the dialogs between us all here, but you get the idea.)

Website Diagnosis:

Customer has done much of the hard work setting up the guts for their site. But they installed competing page builder plugins and never set their site up with a Child Theme.
(This means that when they do updates, their design will breakdown and revert to the theme defaults. Fun stuff. )  In addition, all of the text, and dozens of theme based pre-designed pages are active with Default-TPS-report-style text.  And the site is live to the world…

Our Solution:

Customer needs:
• a Copy Writer
• a Graphic Designer
• a Serious Developer

( Fortunately, we do everything under that umbrella, in-house)

Work Rendered:

• Software edits to line up the server installation with proper enterprise level protocols for outfitting a WordPress website.

• Site mapping the site for all the pages, giving them proper names and purpose. And sweeping and eliminating remnant nonsense pages left over from the theme defaults.

• Page-by-page content writing with a style and tone of voice to carry through the entire brand. Proof reading and meticulous web based typesetting in every section and active page of site.

• Page-by-page graphic design with in the WordPress interface, including edits to photos, style, coloring, font hierarchy, and calls to action.

• Page-by-page testing and troubleshooting on all the major browsers and mobile platforms.

End result…

Customer has a gorgeous website portfolio that will last them for years. Because the site is built in WordPress, they can add to their portfolio and change out their text easily, with out hiring a web team every time they want to see a change.

A very satisfied customer and proud owner of a kick ass website portfolio to aid in all future sales.


Want to see us work our hand on your site?
Or need a tutorial session on how to use your WordPress site?
First we should have a chat. Feel free to reach out to our offices at any point. We can be brought on for small time tech support, or long distance marathon build outs like the site in this case study.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the visuals at our website design portfolio.
High Quality Website & Brand Designer in New Milford CT.

D SCase Study: New Milford Business Website Build Out | Why A WordPress Website is a Perfect Fit for Forward Thinking Businesses

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