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Case Study: CT Multimedia builds a home base and micro sales portal to connect with customers.

Customer Needs:

CT Multimedia has built a reputation for excellent work, but needs a home base online to point their customers and customer referrals over to. Having finally invested in a great logo and stationary set only a couple seasons ago, the days of having only a Facebook page is not enough, it was time for the next step. To use that great logo mark and build a site of their own, worthy of the firm’s serious work attitude, and finally use that domain they’ve owned for a decade plus.

Our Solution.

Using the WordPress core file set and one of our favorite Mobile-friendly theme packages, we were able to build a perfect starter website for them. From copy writing to image acquisition to design, layout and launch. Site contains just two pages, power packed with a big screen slideshow to show a quick impression of their work environments, service summaries and the key luxury brands they are partnered with.

Only one place the buttons take you is to a home-run style Contact page… google map to their address, and a inquiry form, with buttons to click so the user can tell them exactly what they need.

The system is a foundation ready to be built out and expanded upon easily. Phase one complete.
Now they can share their impression with any referral and colleague for exchange and easy first conversations.


High end works, it speaks for itself. When you are an legitimate master of your trade, your customers will know. And they’ll want to keep you around for future projects and maintenance.  In the case of CT Multimedia, they’ve successfully built a dedicated client base and reputation for excellence all over southern fairfield county CT.
With plenty of smart home and audio – video technology installation projects to fill their schedule. No need to have a website right?   Wrong… All business owners know that there are always gaps in the schedule, and always room for more business… and more revenue.   Getting your marketing in place is the most important piece of a company looking to grow bigger and stabilize it’s base.  Reputation online starts with a custom website.
We’re so very happy to have been involved with anything these folks are into. So if you’re reading this far down and are in need of smart home technology or commercial network set up and troubleshooting, they are the best in the biz.

If you did click away to check out their link, awesome. Getting your business one of these, for any endeavor is something we do constantly. Give us a quick shout and let’s plan & build something together.

D SCase Study: CT Multimedia builds a home base and micro sales portal to connect with customers.

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