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Think differently. Your company website is your top salesmen. Dress them accordingly.

Design Strategy is The Ultimate Salesman.
In order to understand the value of something, you need only to look at anything that can be purchased and examine its quality of appearance.
For example: a damaged apple versus a bright, shiny one; a car with a dented hood versus one that is brand new;

A bruised apple. A dented car. A dentist with missing teeth. Like it or not, a consumer’s first impression is often based on appearance—and regardless of how nutritious the apple and how reliable the car or dentist, they’re likely to be passed over by consumers in favor of polished alternatives.

Do you see the difference?
In this writer’s opinion, it’s clear as day, and with the above mentioned examples hopefully it’s clear to you. And so with this difference in mind, you should apply the same consideration to all of your company’s brand advertising materials. Most especially your website, because the way it looks is essentially the way your “salesperson” looks. From the grooming all the way down to the matching shoes, this fellow or lady ought to be designed with high style and high professionalism in mind. Think outside the box here, though, as high style might mean graffiti lettering and hot 80s style coloring—highly styled and strategically dressed to mix and communicate with your key audience. Your audience is the typical persona that would buy your product.

Make the packaging have a cool factor and at the same time, teach and impress at every curve, color, image, or piece of type. Beyond the look of your logo mark (which should be a home run logo and is the first piece of every brand puzzle) your company website must be held firmly next in line, in order of importance. Your website salesperson works 24/7, only takes monthly maintenance breaks, and can be filled with a never ending database of information to share with customers. If it looks great and provides knowledge, it should be a done deal.

Some Free Sales Advice.
Your website “salesperson” should be groomed to look the part, but also strategically understand the values your company offers. The words and images a customer first sees are like the very first greeting and handshake.


The buttons to click and the locations it brings them to are like the first leave-behinds a salesperson would offer, much like a business card or company brochure. Each page should be compared to a sales flyer for whatever division or service category they are meant to detail out. The first impression is like that smile and handshake. The second impression is the tone of voice, and content of the sales pitch itself.

To convince a customer that you’re the one, and that they should trust you to take the next step with them (aka give you their money…) you’re going to need to consider all angles: look, style, voice, tone, cadence, content, and consistency in brand appearance.

Don’t wing it, and don’t settle for a half-thought-out system. Bring in experts who are masters of visual storytelling and join forces with them. Your vision broadcast from the hands of skilled visual designers will take you to the moon and back. Selfless plug… and since you’ve read this far down give us a ring and let’s discuss taking your website to the next level. Fill out our contact form and we’ll call you.


D SThink differently. Your company website is your top salesmen. Dress them accordingly.

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