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Case Study: Maria Matluck Construction Consultants Ad Design


Case Study: Ad Design for Luxury Print Publications

When purchasing space in one of the regions premier luxury publications, you need to consider a few rules. First, your imagery has to be incredible. Second, say less and let the photo do the work.
This is most certainly the case in both instances with one of the brands we’ve had the privilege to design for; Maria Matluck Construction Consultants, and Maria Matluck Designs Custom Cabinetry, headquartered in Westport, CT.

Our approach to designing an ad is simple, you start with a great photo, a little something provoking to say or something perfectly descriptive… and then make it as easy as possible for folks to recognize your brand mark and your contact information.  In this design sample, we are are showcasing a half page full color ad placed in Westport Lifestyle magazine.

D SCase Study: Maria Matluck Construction Consultants Ad Design