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Case Study: Cal Management Group

Customer Description:
Cal Management Group works directly with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and DIY Investors in what they call “Outside-The-Box Strategic Planning & Analysis”.
Hard to tell you all the details in one sentence, so we built a whole website / corporate brochure to tell the rest of the story.

Work Completed:
Our team was tapped to build a full set of branded materials to support their sales team. They asked for a logo mark that was simple, but also gives a hint to their technical / strategic style and at the same time leave a first impression that holds a contemporary vibe. In our words, we were looking to discover a mark that was slick, technical, strong, and well organized. Not too robotic, but still with a little industrial tone. Their logo of course does not work alone, it serves beautifully as the visual anchor for their company website. Logo, website, and then the remaining media kits to help serve as visual guides at each step of their onboarding process. Stay tuned for more visuals coming out for this brand.

Work Shown:
• Feature – Logo wall sign in brushed aluminum lettering. Concept only
• Website home page screen mock up. [Visit the live site]
• Paper mock up of logo using a neon foil. Concept only.

D SCase Study: Cal Management Group

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