Website Design and Development


Case Study: Cacique Construction Branding Campaign

With more than 15 years in the high end home design and construction market along the Connecticut Shoreline, Cacique Construction decided it was time to give themselves a proper Brand Mark.  They asked for something meaningful and finely crafted, that would tell a story not just about who they are and where they come from,


Case Study: New Milford Business Website Build Out | Why A WordPress Website is a Perfect Fit for Forward Thinking Businesses

The phone rings… DS. “Hello, thank you for calling DiGuiseppi Studios, how can we help?” ER. “Good morning, I’m calling from Enhanced Renovations here in New Milford, CT. Our company specializes in high-end home design & renovation services, and I’m looking for help with my WordPress website, do you guys do just the technical stuff…I already


10 Reasons Why Your Website Should be Re-Developed with Mobile-Ready a.k.a Responsive Website Code.

10 Reasons Why Your Website Should be Re-Developed with Mobile-Ready a.k.a Responsive Website Code. It’s no secret, everyone you see is on their smart phone. The new phone models feature large and lightweight displays that are like having a personal pocket-sized window to browse the entire world wide web. From reading our emails, responding to messages, and endlessly researching all

Domain name and hosting explained

Domain Names & Website Hosting Explained.

What is a Domain Name? It’s a name you select from an accredited registrar, like Where you basically rent the ownership and renewals of whatever cheeky phrase or word you’ve selected to name your business. At this stage in the game, they are a hot commodity and some can be valued into the hundreds

best vector illustrators in new milford ct

Vector vs Raster

There are two major formats you’re going to see in the world of digital graphic imagery. Remembering which is which, and understanding the uses and benefits of one over another are apart of the learning process.  If you plan to build art through a computer and eventually send that art to print or publish on


How To Build A Website. The Design Workflow Process.

There are far too many details to spell out when building, launching and fine polishing a website interface. Your company’s website interface should be user friendly, mobile friendly, and do a stellar job of turning visitors into customers. See the DiGuiseppi Studios workflow process infographic that details the step by step process. Graphic copyright DS


A Marketing Lesson from Breaking Bad.

When it comes to making your own product, it’s a good idea to consider a few things. First and foremost, your product must be of great quality. No one is going to fall out of their chair for a subpar, half-crafted, partially gelatinized non-dairy gum-based beverage. Make sure you source the finest quality whatever to