Starter Logo Mark


Your logo mark crafted by our professional designers, delivered using razor-sharp vector line drafting.
Ultra precision matched with ultra scale ability.
Ten (10) hour session.


Round 1:
• 3 hours.
Sketches, Web market research, Idea boards, Phone Meetings.

Round 2:
• 3 hours Digital Drafting & Presentations, Phone Meetings.
(Presentation of at least 3 designs)

Round 3:
(Client selects a design from Round 2 presentation.)
• 2 hour of Digital Refinements
• 2 hour of Digital Brand Item Mock ups.

Final Round:
• Complimentary Final Usable File Set Export & Delivery.

* This starter package includes a maximum of 10 (ten) production hours.
* Additional rounds of edits may be appended to any given project.