5 Biggest Mistakes Your Company is Making with it’s Brand Media

Your mistakes in branding trickle down and stain your reputation, hopes and dreams won’t save the day. You have to want to see the brand represented with quality and consistency, and with the highest level of consideration you can afford to bring into the endeavor. Many company leaders take it upon themselves to make decisions on


Mezon Does Dia De Los Muertos — Custom Advertising Graphics

We were asked to build up a little graphic to broadcast the news of Mezon’s first Dia De Los Muertos Haloween event. The creative team over at Mezon said “Let’s work in some colors and maybe a great traditional skull design.” With a bit of direction, and some content to announce, we conjured up a

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Spark Digital Marketing Conference. Speaker Spotlight Matt Siegel

Who do you use for your writing? I’m not talking about who does your editing, and who proofreads your work. I’m talking about your actual story. The tone, the vocabulary and the actual ideas themselves. DiGuiseppi Studios has a long working history with our favorite writer and editorial consultant, Matt Siegel. ( Yes, the same

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The Ultimate Color Source Guide. Using PMS Colors.

What you see on screen is not what you get on paper. When trying to take your masterful design from the digital proof to the tangible printed piece, you must consider how the ink will hit the paper. Paper type, color choice, and trapping one color to another are among the many things to consider.

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Birthday Sangria. Tasty Graphics

The folks over at Mezón Tapas bar & Restaurant are serious about sharing their love. Love of food, drink and Latin culture. We crafted this tidy little vector graphic to perfectly tell the story about their new Birthday offering. Their guests may enjoy a free pitcher of their famous house Sangria on their Birthday. Just

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Your Decals Go Here.

Custom Vehicle Graphics to spread your message. The most cost-effective and double-use form of advertising is definitely Vehicle Graphics. If you’ve got a company vehicle and travel to and from work sites, you could be spreading the love effortlessly. I mean, you are driving around anyway, might as well cash in on the exposure of


A Marketing Lesson from Breaking Bad.

When it comes to making your own product, it’s a good idea to consider a few things. First and foremost, your product must be of great quality. No one is going to fall out of their chair for a subpar, half-crafted, partially gelatinized non-dairy gum-based beverage. Make sure you source the finest quality whatever to


Running Your Business Like a Sith.

Don’t believe in dark force powers? That’s okay, you don’t need to fully “believe” in order to reap the benefits of the dark side. A shrewd business demeanor and pristine execution of protocols are important ethics for those aiming toward success. Not to mention having control of the force. Hypothetically, let’s pretend that you’re Lord

Give up creative control.

Client meddling comes at a cost in this Fibonacci-inspired guide to setting your fees. Calculating your rate as a designer or illustrator is a notoriously tricky task, as is managing clients that think they can design. If you can relate to either of these situations, then you’ll appreciate the latest image to go viral on

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Branding 102. Your Typography

  About Typography. If you’re going to put text into anything, you should consider learning some of the industry’s best practices. There are many ways you can leverage the style and size of any type arrangement in order to perfectly tell your story. All typefaces or letter forms have a style, shape and even time