The Logo Mark is Your First Impression.

Every brand discovery process starts with the logo mark design. A finely-curated mark is one that has gone through a thorough discovery process.  In this process our graphic designers are focused first originality and impact. At the same time, we do the research and exploration to make sure that we are not imitating a competitor or using some junk stock clip art.

Your mark must be original, authentic, creative and at the same time tell a little story about your company.
Sometimes that story is just that you are all about simplicity and professionalism. A word-mark logo design is often a great way to start your brand when you don’t have a big budget or don’t have any ideas on direction to take your design.

Other times a logo mark needs to be something unique, special and different. These marks may include a totem animal, an object based avatar that marry’s in with the text, or a carefully illustrated little badge design. No matter your tastes, or the tastes of your ideal customers, we work with each brand to find the just the right design treatments. Get started on your brand journey today. Contact us. 

Andy DiGuiseppiLogo Marks