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Case Study: Eco Earth Branding and Website

Case Study: Eco Acres

From how to start a fire with only friction, to visiting your property and teaching you what plants you can eat, the team at Eco Acres are pioneers in Natural Living. Imagine you had to survive in nature, no electricity, no running water, no ready made meals. They offer speciality outdoor classroom content that would rival any survivalist course you could find online. To your property, or at their farm-based classroom in Sandy Hook, CT. We were brought on to capture one of their head instructor’s sketches in digital and then build out a whole website hub for them. We worked with them to sort through they story, service offerings, and early branding marketing systems initiations… Like their google listing, and social media avatars.  A great customer, gave us total creative freedom, and an easy back and forth. 
D SCase Study: Eco Earth Branding and Website

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