Case Study: Cal Management Group

Customer Description: Cal Management Group works directly with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and DIY Investors in what they call “Outside-The-Box Strategic Planning & Analysis”. Hard to tell you all the details in one sentence, so we built a whole website / corporate brochure to tell the rest of the story. Work Completed: Our team was tapped

Case Study: For The Food. Pencil Sketches

  Case Study: For The Food – Lettering Work Pencil Sketches It all starts with pencil sketches…We’re traditional artists, and so when a customer asks for something custom, nothing less than pencil and eraser will do the job.  Some contemporary designers like to draw in digital, and we’ve done plenty of digital sketching, when the


Case Study: Maria Matluck Construction Consultants Ad Design

Case Study: Ad Design for Luxury Print Publications When purchasing space in one of the regions premier luxury publications, you need to consider a few rules. First, your imagery has to be incredible. Second, say less and let the photo do the work. This is most certainly the case in both instances with one of

Case Study: Eco Earth Branding and Website

Case Study: Eco Acres From how to start a fire with only friction, to visiting your property and teaching you what plants you can eat, the team at Eco Acres are pioneers in Natural Living. Imagine you had to survive in nature, no electricity, no running water, no ready made meals. They offer speciality outdoor

1551 Fintech Branding Case Study

1551 Fintech – Investment Pioneers.  Investment Strength using Financial Science.  We were brought on to visualize a brand insignia for fine folks at 1551 Fintech. A Connecticut-based Fintech company that utilizes specialized patented methodology for investing taking aim at both Hedge funds and DIY audiences. Their CEO asked for a first impression that was strong, classical,


Case Study – Langton’s Rare Coin and Currency

Client’s Challenge. When we first stepped on to curate the Langton’s Rare Coin and Currency brand mark we were posed with a primary challenge. The first use case for this design would be turning the logo mark into a stamp, that could be impressed directly into silver bars.  This request is a wonderfully unique and


How To Edit a Photograph in Photoshop 101

In this online video tutorial, we will teach you how to open a photograph in photoshop, and edit that photo. Please enjoy this very simple walk through on how to use the selection tool, the layers, palette, how to clone out an ugly window and more. If there are other videos you’d like to see


Case Study: Cacique Construction Branding Campaign

With more than 15 years in the high end home design and construction market along the Connecticut Shoreline, Cacique Construction decided it was time to give themselves a proper Brand Mark.  They asked for something meaningful and finely crafted, that would tell a story not just about who they are and where they come from,


How to Build an Awesome Website Using WordPress

Build a Website Using WordPress. You’ve heard of it, or you haven’t either way, something like 30% of all new websites being built right now are authored on WordPress code. It’s market hold is growing and for good reason, we predict that it’s going to continue to be a hot trend in the web technology of


Case Study: Hellman Health & Wellness Builds A Proprietary Health Plan Assessment Portal.

Case Study: Hellman Health & Wellness. Customer Needs & Summary: Very successful nutritional expert with a history of quality customer loyalty, and positive growth is looking to take their entire game plan to the next level. What is that level you ask?  A digitally packaged health & wellness plan that gives folks an personalized, high-quality health


Case Study: New Milford Business Website Build Out | Why A WordPress Website is a Perfect Fit for Forward Thinking Businesses

The phone rings… DS. “Hello, thank you for calling DiGuiseppi Studios, how can we help?” ER. “Good morning, I’m calling from Enhanced Renovations here in New Milford, CT. Our company specializes in high-end home design & renovation services, and I’m looking for help with my WordPress website, do you guys do just the technical stuff…I already


10 Reasons Why Your Website Should be Re-Developed with Mobile-Ready a.k.a Responsive Website Code.

10 Reasons Why Your Website Should be Re-Developed with Mobile-Ready a.k.a Responsive Website Code. It’s no secret, everyone you see is on their smart phone. The new phone models feature large and lightweight displays that are like having a personal pocket-sized window to browse the entire world wide web. From reading our emails, responding to messages, and endlessly researching all


5 Biggest Mistakes Your Company is Making with it’s Brand Media

Your mistakes in branding trickle down and stain your reputation, hopes and dreams won’t save the day. You have to want to see the brand represented with quality and consistency, and with the highest level of consideration you can afford to bring into the endeavor. Many company leaders take it upon themselves to make decisions on


Mezon Does Dia De Los Muertos — Custom Advertising Graphics

We were asked to build up a little graphic to broadcast the news of Mezon’s first Dia De Los Muertos Haloween event. The creative team over at Mezon said “Let’s work in some colors and maybe a great traditional skull design.” With a bit of direction, and some content to announce, we conjured up a


Landmark Danbury Business Gets a Make Over. Minas Carne Brazilian BBQ

If you are from the Greater Danbury area, or perhaps ever attended classes at WestConn, you know that Minas Carne is the best place in town to get a flavorful and filling meal, especially when you’re on the run. It’s a huge hit with nearly all of the local business professionals looking for a great meal


Custom Sticker Design. Snake and Crane Graphic

Nothing helps to solidify a brand better than stick-worthy stickers. Custom Designed Vinyl Stickers are among the best kind of Guerrilla Marketing tactic. They are passed out amongst friends, and find their way onto all kinds of surfaces. From water bottles, notebooks, sketch books, vehicle bumpers and even more subtle outdoor locations. This graphic is

restaurant photographer food photography in new milford ct

A Delicious Taco Themed Photoshoot.

Taco themed social media graphics will never be the same. When asked to come visit Mezon Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Danbury CT to produce an absolutely scrumptious taco themed media graphic, it made me really excited… and hungry. Their incredible array of taco options, combined with select drink discounts, make Taco Tuesday at Mezon,

the value of high quality graphic design in fairfield county ct

The Value of Visuals.

It’s a constant struggle in the world visual design to convince a client about the value of their visual media. The value of vision is unprecedented. Ask any one with glasses, if they’d prefer to have sharper vision. We take it for granted, but we ought to consider the impact of what happens to us

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Spark Digital Marketing Conference. Speaker Spotlight Matt Siegel

Who do you use for your writing? I’m not talking about who does your editing, and who proofreads your work. I’m talking about your actual story. The tone, the vocabulary and the actual ideas themselves. DiGuiseppi Studios has a long working history with our favorite writer and editorial consultant, Matt Siegel. ( Yes, the same

Domain name and hosting explained

Domain Names & Website Hosting Explained.

What is a Domain Name? It’s a name you select from an accredited registrar, like godaddy.com. Where you basically rent the ownership and renewals of whatever cheeky phrase or word you’ve selected to name your business. At this stage in the game, they are a hot commodity and some can be valued into the hundreds

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Vector vs Raster

There are two major formats you’re going to see in the world of digital graphic imagery. Remembering which is which, and understanding the uses and benefits of one over another are apart of the learning process.  If you plan to build art through a computer and eventually send that art to print or publish on

what is a serif best graphic illustrators and typesetting in new milford ct

What makes a font a Serif or Sans Serif?

What the hell is a Serif. You hear this word, but you can not remember which is which. Is it the font with the little “Thingys” off the ends of the letter shapes? or is it the one without?  During the brand process, one of the early considerations will be that of selecting typography to


How to design a logo mark. The Logo design workflow process.

A logo mark is the visual cornerstone of every single business.  It’s your first impression and carried opinion. It’s your courage and your uniqueness.  If you don’t have a logo yet, then let this info graphic serve you as a starting point for your battle plan. If your brand is need of a redesign, or


How To Build A Website. The Design Workflow Process.

There are far too many details to spell out when building, launching and fine polishing a website interface. Your company’s website interface should be user friendly, mobile friendly, and do a stellar job of turning visitors into customers. See the DiGuiseppi Studios workflow process infographic that details the step by step process. Graphic copyright DS

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The Ultimate Color Source Guide. Using PMS Colors.

What you see on screen is not what you get on paper. When trying to take your masterful design from the digital proof to the tangible printed piece, you must consider how the ink will hit the paper. Paper type, color choice, and trapping one color to another are among the many things to consider.

mezon tapas bar and restuarant marketing graphics free sangria vector illustration

Birthday Sangria. Tasty Graphics

The folks over at Mezón Tapas bar & Restaurant are serious about sharing their love. Love of food, drink and Latin culture. We crafted this tidy little vector graphic to perfectly tell the story about their new Birthday offering. Their guests may enjoy a free pitcher of their famous house Sangria on their Birthday. Just

best quality custom vehicle graphics in new milford ct

Your Decals Go Here.

Custom Vehicle Graphics to spread your message. The most cost-effective and double-use form of advertising is definitely Vehicle Graphics. If you’ve got a company vehicle and travel to and from work sites, you could be spreading the love effortlessly. I mean, you are driving around anyway, might as well cash in on the exposure of


A Marketing Lesson from Breaking Bad.

When it comes to making your own product, it’s a good idea to consider a few things. First and foremost, your product must be of great quality. No one is going to fall out of their chair for a subpar, half-crafted, partially gelatinized non-dairy gum-based beverage. Make sure you source the finest quality whatever to


Running Your Business Like a Sith.

Don’t believe in dark force powers? That’s okay, you don’t need to fully “believe” in order to reap the benefits of the dark side. A shrewd business demeanor and pristine execution of protocols are important ethics for those aiming toward success. Not to mention having control of the force. Hypothetically, let’s pretend that you’re Lord

Give up creative control.

Client meddling comes at a cost in this Fibonacci-inspired guide to setting your fees. Calculating your rate as a designer or illustrator is a notoriously tricky task, as is managing clients that think they can design. If you can relate to either of these situations, then you’ll appreciate the latest image to go viral on

quality typographer in ct

Branding 102. Your Typography

  About Typography. If you’re going to put text into anything, you should consider learning some of the industry’s best practices. There are many ways you can leverage the style and size of any type arrangement in order to perfectly tell your story. All typefaces or letter forms have a style, shape and even time

high quality logo designer

Branding 101. Your Logo.

Your Logo Mark. The best logos tell stories, no matter how brief or intricate. The first insignias were born in the old days by marking a shield or war banner. I think that the logo should be taken as seriously now as it was in the days of old. If more businesses curated a beautiful